Best Places To Find New Gigs or Projects 

The gig economy, although new, is absolutely booming right now! Given your skillset, you can find a gig or a job in almost any industry through a few simple clicks on your computer. Many people begin doing gigs as a fun way to make a little extra money and end up with jobs and independent work doing what they love.

If you have a skill set that would be great at making extra money and could be helpful to someone, consider finding a way to make it your full-time job. Depending on your skill sets and how in demand they are, you can do that! You can start making money on various gigs and projects by figuring out where to go and who to contact.

Read on to figure out where to go to find the best gigs and projects available to you right now!

What Makes a Good ‘Gig’ Worker?

If you have been a freelancer, you may have found success in a certain niche such as writing or website design. Regardless of the type of work you do, there are a couple of traits that clients look for when they are hiring workers for their Gigs. 

The first is motivation and interest. When you submit an application or proposal to a job, one of the first things that clients look at besides relevant experience is your interest in the project. It can help to include information regarding the project in your proposal to show that you have done research and are motivated to complete the assignment.  

The second important aspect is communication. If you are constantly on the search for jobs, make sure you keep updating your current clients. You want to make sure you are taking on a workload you can handle. Communicating frequently and effectively with clients is key in maintaining a positive relationship. 

Skills Needed for Gigs

This may seem like it’s too good to be true. You can turn your skills into a job with just a few clicks. However, there may be other skills you can benefit from learning. Most of the top skills being hired for these projects include some type of specialized knowledge in the tech field. In fact, the top in-demand skills right now include: 

By learning one or more of these skills, you can make yourself valuable on the market when it comes to freelancing opportunities.  

Other Types of Available Gigs

Tech will always be in demand, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put your skills to good use. There are other gigs available for you on the market. Here are some of the most typical gigs that almost anyone can do: 

Find a Gig!

Gig Worker Solutions is the place to go if you want to start your own business and begin your freelancing journey. In fact, they have you covered when it comes to setting up a business that will be successful in the long term. The following is what makes Gig Worker Solutions the top option on the market: 


When it comes to finding a gig that is beneficial for you, consider the Association for Gigworkers. They have been in the market for several years, evolving alongside businesses and employees to find out what freelancers need. They understand the needs of those working in various fields, such as insurance, real estate, marketing, and more. So, what else makes them a great option? 


Another great option on the freelance market is Steady, but what makes them helps to set them apart from other options? Well, they offer a cool new app and website that lets you see exactly what the “gig economy” has to offer. They can also keep you updated on opportunities and give you flexible options to work from anywhere, any time, doing both full-time and part-time work.


UpWork is a great option for those new to freelancing and gig jobs. UpWork offers a free program and tutorials on how to start your journey as a freelance worker. The site is easy to use, and allows you to customize a profile and search for jobs that best match your interest and experience. 


Finding a Gig for You

Now that you have three new amazing options for finding a gig and a good understanding of what you can offer, it’s time to hit the market and start looking for new opportunities! So browse platforms and solidify your freelance resume to begin pitching to potential clients.

With a bit of research, dedication, and hard work, you can be a self-starting, sustainable freelancer in little time at all.