Important Insurance to have for an Entrepreneur

Insurance is important for any business. Not only can it protect your business short-term, but long-term as well. So, if you have officially decided to begin that start-up you have always dreamed of, don’t forget to look into one of the most important aspects of any business, insurance.  For many small businesses, this is likely something […]

Do 1099 Employees Get Benefits?


Nowadays, the number of gig workers has been growing exponentially, urging organizations and businesses to alter the way they operate to accommodate 1099 employees. While 1099 employees are called this, this is a misnomer because they are actually independent contractors. In essence, 1099 is a form provided to self-employed workers for them to document their […]

Independent Contractor Workers Comp

Working as an independent contractor allows you to be your boss, set your hours, and work from anywhere. It’s a great way to earn a living but comes with some risks. One of the most significant risks is that workers’ compensation does not cover you if you get injured on the job. If you’re injured […]

The Types of Insurance Every Freelancer Needs

More than 59 million Americans worked as freelancers in 2020, which is expected to exceed 90 million by 2028. Many also work full-time jobs, of course, but a substantial percentage generate all of their income through freelance work. It can be easy to forget that freelancing is not just what you do; it’s a business. […]