Tips for Balancing Work at Home Life 

Work-from-home was once a rare occurrence. Employers used the term to indicate they offered the option as an occasional benefit for those who could only take advantage of it rarely.  

When the pandemic peaked in 2020, many employers began offering remote work as a way to stay open.  

Still, more people decided that corporate life was no longer bringing them joy, and those people turned to gig work or started their own businesses to have more flexibility with their work life.  

With more people choosing to work from home, it has become essential to create a work-life balance! And saying you need a work-life balance is easier than developing and implementing one.  

But if you DON’T create that balance, it could become difficult to withstand the pressures of working and living in the same space.  

What Is Work-Life Balance?

Before creating a work-life balance, you must understand precisely what that means. Work-life balance refers to dividing your time between professional and personal pursuits.  

When an individual has a good work-life balance, they can focus on work enough to accomplish their tasks and on other parts of life when appropriate, such as friends, family, social commitments, and hobbies.  

Why Is Work-Life Balance Important?

If the work-life balance is unsatisfactory, you can become unhappy and less healthy.  

Your stress level increases, and you can feel like both your professional and personal lives are out of control. When you feel happier, you are likely to be more productive, motivated, and perform better.  

When you work from home, you can structure your day the way you need it for the greatest productivity.  
You determine when you can be the most efficient for work tasks and when you need to focus on your family.  

Ways to Balance Work and Life

When your primary workplace is also your home, achieving the elusive ideal of work-life balance can be difficult.  

There are ways to balance your work tasks and your home responsibilities. Here are some tips to get you started.  

Whether you work as a creative from home or you have a balance that welcomes clients into your home, you need to set boundaries and make others aware of them. This can include clearly stating when you are available to answer telephone calls and emails regarding work. Setting boundaries can involve creating a system that lets you know when a client or vendor is reaching out in an emergency.  

People who work at home often fall into the trap of beginning and ending every day with work activities like email, correspondence, or phone calls. However, when you begin your day with work activities, you throw your entire day off balance. Instead, consider starting your day with an activity that makes you feel relaxed or perhaps energized before you turn your thoughts to your workload.  

Some suggestions for changing your beginning of the daily routine include:  

Work emails should only be checked and answered from your designated work space. If the slightest notification sound wakes you, don’t put the email you use for work on your phone or leave your phone out of the bedroom. Checking your work email while in your bed can throw the work-life balance off before you even get ready to start your day.

Create a designated space for work. You want a space where you can be productive without distractions. Whether your workspace is a dedicated office or the corner of a room in your home, having separate zones for work and play helps you to maintain the necessary balance between your work and personal life. Avoid going near your office areas on weekends or holidays to help you create a mental boundary between the spaces.

If you were commuting to work, you would have a distinct beginning and ending time for work. Create a schedule that provides set starting and ending times for your work activities. Incorporate breaks and a dedicated lunchtime into your schedule. Write down your priorities using a day planner, notebook, or sticky notes to help you keep to the schedule and find true separation between work and personal time.  

Final Thoughts

Creating a work-life balance is sometimes easier said than done. Setting boundaries and creating routines can help you achieve the goal of balance between work and life.